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Paineteho Ltd. is a family business established in 1979. We are experts in the hydraulics and pneumatics industry.

Productivity does not just happen - it is made

We design, manufacture and sell hydraulic and pneumatic systems and related components. We also offer maintenance, installation and repair services for the needs of the industry, equipment manufacturers and mobile machine operators.

We operate in the following fields:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • The mining industry
  • The lumber industry
  • The forest and paper industries
  • The metal and sheet metal industries
  • Energy production
  • The food industry
  • The concrete industry
  • The carpentry industry
  • Defense and rescue operations
  • Railways
  • Civil engineering
  • Hospitals
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Traffic
  • Motorists and contractors
  • Printing houses

Postal address: Ankkuritie 1, 70460 KUOPIO - FINLAND
Opening hours for pick-up point: MON - FRI 07:30 - 16:00


Arto Voutilainen
Arto Voutilainen

Production, After-sales services
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Jerker Sundström
Jerker Sundström

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Component Sales
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Technical Sales
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Jarno Suomalainen
Technical Sales
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Roosa Kokkonen
Technical Sales
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Technical support
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Jarno Blomberg
Engineering Manager
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Janne Honkanen
After-sales service
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Juha Hynynen
Technical sales
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Anneli Kyyriäinen
Accounts, switchboard operator
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Postal address: Ankkuritie 1, 70460 KUOPIO - FINLAND, Tel. +358 20 763 0700

Emails: firstname.lastname(at)paineteho.fi

Quality products and comprehensive service

Ankkuritie 1 - 70460 KUOPIO,FINLAND | Switcboard: Tel. +358 20 763 0700 MON - FRI 08:00 - 16:00 | pick-up point: MON - FRI 07:30 - 16:00


PTR Compressor Units

PTR compressors are reliable compressed air supply units for mobile vehicles. The compressors are designed to fit the needs of our customers, taking into account the functional and structural requirements.

These features are widely appreciated in the mining and construction industries. Robust design and high-quality components ensure reliable availability and serviceability in extreme conditions.

  • Power: hydraulic, electric or fuel motor
  • Principle of operation: reciprocating or screw compressor

PTR-compressor operating areas:

  • Capacity range: 0,8 - 12 m³/ min (28 - 423 Cfm)
  • Pressure area: 6 - 14 bar (87 - 203 psi)
  • Ambient temperature: -25...+35 °C (-13...+95 °F)

Hydraulic and Pneumatic products

Hydrauliikka- ja paineilmatuotteetWe have a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic components in stock, as well as spare parts and accessories. We also supply air compressors, hydraulic units, air treatment systems, quick connectors, blow guns, air hoses and hose assemblies, adapters, accessories, etc.

Call our experts for more information or visit our pick-up point.
Brands represented are:

NOTE! Ask for other brands as well!

Productivity does not just happen - it is made!

Putting on the pressure for 43 years


Repair and service

We serve businesses in many sectors all over Finland. Our services include systems integration, maintenance, repairs, modernizations, and other life-cycle services.

Hydraulics and pneumatics service

We deliver system solutions, as well as modernization, if necessary, on a turnkey basis. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems design and manufacturing takes place in co-operation with the customer.

Hose and pipes deliver to the desired location quickly or wish you can pick them up at the pick-up point, Ankkuritie 1, Kuopio, Finland

Maintenance and professional services
(hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors)

After sales service: maintenance, repair, and installation services, hardware deployments, the maintenance, repair and final testing of cylinders and valves, the maintenance, repair and final testing of pumps and engines, refilling and servicing hydraulic accumulators, and hydraulics maintenance, repairs and installments for mobile machinery.

Professional Services: Testing services, condition assessments, design services, training, and project management.

Pick-up Point: Our Pick-up point serves quickly and flexibly in the immediate area, and also delivers orders almost anywhere in Finland.

Special solutions

We design, manufacture and supply compressor containers, pneumatic drives, hydraulic units and manifolds, and hydraulics for mobile machinery, according to the needs of our customers.

We know the needs and products of the field. Ask for more information!

Service contracts

Contract-based co-operation is used to create high usability and fault-free operation of devices and systems, as well as to develop their maintenance. The contents of the service are made up of customer-specific solutions, from maintenance and expert services to compressed air production contracts.

Dunlop Hiflex
Metal Work

" Finnish pneumatic and hydraulic
professional since 1979 "

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Paineteho Ltd.
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pick-up point: MON - FRI 07:30 - 16:00

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